Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you buy my interests so quickly?
We use a network of professionals to establish the ownership and value of the property, instead of relying on one person. Therefore, many tasks can be undertaken simultaneously.
2. What do you buy?

We buy mineral rights and royalties regardless of whether or not they are producing, or are currently leased.

3. How much do you pay?

Every property is unique in its size and value. We arrive at a value based upon a number of factors, and therefore it is impossible to quote any blanket price. Quite frequently, however, property owners have been pleasantly surprised by our offers because we have uncovered hidden value they were not previously aware of.
4. Can I sell you the rights to my mineral property if I inherited it?

Absolutely. Once you inherit a piece of property it is yours to do with as you see fit. Often we have purchased one family member’s inherited interest, only to have the other family members contact us to purchase their interests as well. It turns out that each family member was worried about being the first to sell.

5. I sell you my oil, gas, and minerals rights and royalties if I have no paperwork?

Yes, depending on what type of interest it is. We are able to do research in most counties and parishes to establish your ownership for you, at which point a sale is possible. We cover the costs of this research.

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